Love Thyself!

Friday, 25 June 2010, 13:58 | Category : Thoughts
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I was buying groceries drinking my coke I had just bought at Chik-fil-a when Bree wanted a drink.  I reluctantly let her take a sip and told her she would have to drink her water.  She probably asked me 5 more times over the next 20 minutes and I finally explained that mommy’s drink was not good for her and that she would have to drink her water.  I suddenly realized what I had just told her!  I sat the cup down on the shelf right next to the pasta sauce and walked away.  I had been drinking something that was bad for me, my daughter and anyone else.  If she had a clue what I had just said to her that would have been a very bad message I was sending.  I’m sure there will be more soft drinks in my future along with high fructose corn syrup and many other things but I’m gonna be more conscience of it.  I think it may be impossible to love myself as much as I love my Bree but I’m gonna give it all I’ve got!

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  1. 1Mom

    You are right on baby! I love you!

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