The Heart Of A Woman Is What Makes Her Beautiful

Friday, 19 March 2010, 14:24 | Category : Thoughts
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I heard someone say this today and it sunk in pretty deep.  Being 36 weeks pregnant you don’t exactly fit the picture of beauty that the world has created.  Yes, some may see certain aspects of pregnancy as beautiful but only because of the sentimentality of it.  If I weren’t pregnant and 38 pounds heavier than my normal weight then I would be looked at as unattractive.  I don’t solely blame the media for this as some do because we the people are the ones who pay the media to portray what we think beauty should be.

I am bothered by these expectations on women more now that I am older and especially since I am raising a daughter of my own.  It is heartbreaking to think that one day Bree will see herself as not good enough or not pretty enough for something or someone as I have many times in my life.  I am realizing the only way to combat this problem for myself and her are to start now by changing my thoughts and the random things I say to myself and about myself.  It is so normal that I think most of us don’t even notice or realize how harsh we are with our very own hearts and beings.  This I’m sure will be a lifelong quest but I am ready for the journey.  I hope that more women can see themselves and all of the other women in their world as beautiful because of their kindness, love, devotion, strong will, good character, being a true and loyal friend.  I could go on and on but I’m sure you get my drift.  What is beautiful about you?  What is inside you and your heart that makes you – you?  Let’s celebrate those things and stop the critical comments to ourselves and about other women.

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  1. 1Mom

    You are so right on angel! BUT…in your mom’s eyes, you and Wendy are the most beautiful women I have ever seen. Beautiful on the inside as well as the outside. Even pregnant you both are gorgeous and radiant. I love you so much. YOU and WENDY are role models for me. You both have inspired me along the way. You and Wendy are hard on yourselves when you have no reason to. You both are perfect specimens of women and you’ll never know what a pleasure it is for me to be your Mom!

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