The Pleasure Is All Mine

Sunday, 31 January 2010, 23:33 | Category : Thoughts
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I have been reading  a wonderful book by Elizabeth Gilbert lately.  She spent four months of her life devoted to experiencing pleasure.  Not only did she set out to experience real pleasure in her life but she chose to do so in Italy.  She is my kind of lady!  Who knows pleasure more than the Italians?  She writes that the Italians realize that they live in such a corrupt world that the only thing that one should trust is their very own senses.  It seems that this is why the Italians are so devoted to perfecting those special things in life, such as cooking, eating, sharing time with loved ones and so on.  When you eat a perfect meal or experience a perfect kiss, you know and feel true pleasure, there is no mystery or question, it just is.  I was inspired by these thoughts.

I want more pleasure in my life and plan to make that happen for myself, but more importantly I don’t want to let those perfect, pleasurable moments pass me by that I already experience everyday.  Waking up next to my soul mate, seeing my baby girls sleepy face and crazy hair when she wakes up every morning, an afternoon nap, Bree’s laughter, Donnie’s humor (and beautiful dimples), a warm shower, a good book, the moment Donnie gets home from work, a perfect latte, a song that makes me dance, chocolate, laying down at night next to Donnie…these are just a handful of things that bring me true pleasure that I get to experience every day.  I really am living la dolce vita.

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  1. 1Mom

    Again—that’s my girl! You make me stop and smell the roses. I love you Sweetheart! Mom

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