For the love of Organizing and a Fun Summer!

Friday, 27 May 2011, 11:27 | Category : Organizing, Projects
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Ok, so it’s time to get everything organized again!  I am a fairly organized person but its definitely a never ending battle (and love) for me.  I loooooove to organize just about anything and I am always organizing around my house but I am not the best at keeping things tidy in those organized areas.  I tend to throw things here and there when I get in a hurry and that leads to more organizing.  Which now that I think about it….that may be the very reason I don’t keep it tidy…so I can organize it again!  :)

I have decided to take it room by room and slowly get it just how I want it.  I am gonna work out a schedule and get down to business and then do my very best to keep it that way.  I want this to be a smooth, fun summer with loads of memories that don’t involve cleaning.  I want to cherish these sweet moments that I have with my babies while they are still so young and wide-eyed, seeing and learning things for the first time.

Not only does an organized home make me feel more free, in control, it gives me more time and I believe it also keeps other things in control like finances, meal planning, cooking and so on.  Oh the loveliness of order!!!!  I’m gonna get my schedule in order and post it soon.  I need to decide if I want to make this a slow, couple of rooms a week kinda thing or start organizing boot camp at night after the kids go to bed….hmmmmm…..  I’m sure I can convince Donnie to start some kind of computer gaming boot camp at night if I so decide!  😉

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  1. 1Donnie

    I’m sure I can figure out something to do while you clean… Of course, I’ll need a gaming budget to perform at the highest level possible! 😉

  2. 2Mom

    When you get through at your house, mine is in dire need.

    Love you!! Mom

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